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GOD Story and Friends

Hey guys! Greetings all the way from my beloved island, Roatan. Life here is so fun and adventurous and I can't wait to tell you what God did in May.

A GOD Story!

God is so good to each and everyone of us. It all started months ago when my dad had something pop up in his email about a college named Colorado Christian University (CCU for short). As my dad was looking at it he called me to come check it out. I saw the campus online and it was a college to consider, but it wasn't until a few weeks later we started to really look into it. During those few weeks we started a life group on Thursday nights at our house and guess where all of the people were from? You're right, Colorado. So when I go there to college I have family there. Thanks to God for this amazing blessing. I know this college is where God is calling me to be. Some bonuses for this college is they have a major of a study on Evangelism/Apologetics, they have a school only for four days a week and last, they have a gorgeous view of the Colorado Rockies. Pray I first finish High School and after get enough scholarships to pay for school. God is so good.

CCU campus

Janie and Jack live part time here in Roatan and attend our life-group. They also live part time 40 minutes from the college.

Joe and Cynthia (Shareen also pictured but she’s here in Roatan) also live part time here in Roatan and attend our life-group. They also live part time near the college.


I am so blessed to have many friends on the island who love my friendship. In some of my blogs I've talked about a good friend named Banito. Although he is a little bit younger than me, he can relate to me in a lot of ways. I had the privilege to help him out on reading. A little back is not the best here on the island. There are only a few real good school here on the island and they are private and expensive. Banito is in 6th grade, but he doesn't know how to read in English or Spanish. Since he doesn't know ho wo read I was able to help him out on his homework. He was learning about the different biomes around the world. As I read to him, he listened and he answered his 25 questions. I even learned a lot and struggled to answer some of the questions myself. It was fun and I hope he one day learns how to read.

Me reading to Banito for his Science homework…


I have learned I am not a fighter. Me and my friend Banito put on the boxing gloves...I regret I ever made that decision. My friend takes boxing classes. Yes, like the title says, I got TKO-ed. I got a few hits in but still I saw some constellations. I think I saw the great boxing glove constellations. So if you see me running like a gazelle, know I just ran from a fight. I had so much pain...oh I was supposed to say fun.

Thanks for reading my blog. See you next blog for more fun.

Praise Report

-I found a good college

Prayer Requests

-that my friend Banito learns how to read

-that I finish High school, especially Geometry

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