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“God’s Waiting Room”

Prayer is vital to my life as a Christian and waiting for God to answer is crucial. Right now we are praying for a vehicle and lots of y’all are praying alongside us. We have been looking, and looking, and looking.....but the amount of money we have set aside for a vehicle is not getting us very far right now. Honduras imports all of their cars (none are made in this country), making the price of vehicles here extremely high. Just as an example....a missionary here is selling a vehicle (1986 Toyota Land Cruiser) for $8,000. And all used cars here typically need some work, including this one. With that being said, we are in ”God’s waiting room” (Psalm 46:10a Be still and know that I am God). We have prayed and now we wait for God to answer big!!!! He is always faithful to provide in his way and his time. We look forward to sharing the great news once he answers, but for now, we wait, pray and trust!!! We praise him that all of us are healthy enough to walk around and do things around here and trust that one day the Lord will provide a vehicle so that we can do more out reach and do more ministry work that he’s called us to do. Please continue to pray alongside us and wait expectantly for his answer!! But for now this is our mode of transportation.....

See y’all next Wednesday!!! Love y’all!!!

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