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Hey guys. It's Messiah, with super exciting news...

If you have read my previous blogs, then y'all would know that I have wanted a dog for a very long time. When we first moved here to our new place in Roatan, I saw two dogs here, and they were awesome. Come to find out, they're the dogs of the neighborhood, so they just hang out here. One is named Lala, and the other is named Monkey. When we first came, they were really skeptical of me, but once I gave them food, and they got to know me, then they loved me. Every day, I have to go and pet them because they love it. Every time I'm outside, they come running and chasing each other. Monkey, the boy dog loves to play, but he plays like a boy... rough. He'll test your limits on how hard he can nibble your hand. I'm trying to get him to stop, but it doesn't work. He doesn't mean it on purpose because he's just playing. I heard from a neighbor that two years ago, Monkey was bald with sores everywhere, but with some TLC he got back healthy. Actually, in September, he's going to be adopted and going to the States. It'll be sad, but good. Lala on the other hand is a sweet heart, and wouldn't hurt anyone. She loves to play with Monkey and me. I think that when Monkey leaves then she is going to be really sad. At least both of them aren't leaving, and I'll still have Lala to play with and pet.

Picture of Lala and Monkey...

This week, on Wednesday, is going to be our last Spanish class, and I'm proud of where I am. Like I have said before, I still have a lot to learn, but I thank God for where I am.

I am also honored with the privledge to help with leading worship at our church here. I praise God that here in Honduras I had the chance to use my talents for God. In all three places we lived: Siguatepeque, Comyagua, and Roatan, I was blessed with this opportunity.

Here’s me at sound check before church...

Tomorrow, I am going to sing at a celebration of life for an elder in our church who died of COVID. If y'all could please pray for me to be in the Spirit, and do well, that would be very helpful. This is going to be my first time singing at a funeral. Please pray for the friends and family of Dee as well please.

This coming up Friday, some friends of ours are going to be starting a youth group, and I'm super excited. This will be my first youth group gathering in forever, and I can't wait!!!

Thank y'all for reading my blog, and I'll talk to y'all next week.

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