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God is sooooo gooooooood!!!!!!!

WOW! This week has been the best week yet since we have been in Honduras. We were able to find a house that we will be renting in September once we finish language school and return back from the states. It is a wonderful place for when we have teams come in and plenty of space for everyone. We will only be five minutes away from the new airport that is being built in Comayagua, Honduras. Hopefully, the airport will be done being built within the next year. This house is going to open up many ministry options for us to do at the house for the people of Honduras. Thank you so much for everything ya'll are doing to help make this happen. But, one of the greatest things that happened on Sunday was that the 27 year old daughter of the home owner gave her life to Christ. It was an amazing experience while being there talking to them about the house we are going to be renting. Afterwards, you know that God had a different plan (divine appointment) for us to be there than we thought. We are so excited to start this new relationship with this family. Our Spanish still is not that great to be able to have these conversations fully, so, we were very happy that our pastor and his wife was able to be there for us because they are bilingual. They were able to help a lot with communication. Thank you Lord for our wonderful friends who are willing to take time out of their day to help us with looking at a house.

Spanish is going well. I am starting to understand people a lot more because I am learning different tenses. Once you start learning all the different tenses you will be able to understand a lot more when someone is talking to you. Moving from part 1 of past tense to part 2 of past tense.

Please continue to pray for us here in Honduras that we continue to follow his will. Also, Lorenda should be getting her special boot off this Friday and should hopefully start physical therapy and be able to get around and walk on her own.

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