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God Is So Good When You Abide In Him!

The first thing that I want to talk about before I get into ministry stuff is my wife. This woman is so amazing and I am so glad that I am married to her. We love being around each other, serving with one another, and just doing life together 24/7. I have heard through a lot of marriages that they could not be around each other all the time, and sometimes they need to take breaks from each other. I am so glad that I am not in that boat. I love being around my wife and when we are apart from each other, I get a little depressed because she is not here around me. I truly love this woman. One of my favorite things I do with her is walk on the beach every morning for three miles and you never know what you might find or see. When we do not get that time in the morning, I get frustrated that it did not happen. We also on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, during our walk, stop at a resort where we have a gym membership and workout together. I love being around her all the time and I am so glad to call her my soul mate, lover, and best friend.

Our life group this month finished up the study "13 Weeks Through The Bible." This was an in depth study that we were doing to put file folders in your mind about the different divisions of the Bible. We finished it off by having a movie night at one of the members of the groups house. We had a great time together. Now, we are on the study of "Hot Topics", What does the Bible say about controversial topics. More to come next month to hear about some insight on what we are learning.

We are still working on the young lady's bathroom project. We are nearing the end and I am hopeful that we will have this done by the end of the month. We have all of the stuff to go inside of the bathroom, but we just need to finish up some minor touches on the building and then we will be able to go in and install of the stuff. This project has been an adventure and it is my first construction project that I have done here on the island. I have learned a lot through everything we have went through to get this project done.

We had another friend come in from the mainland with his family and it was a joy to be able to meet up with them and talk to them about their ministry. This family that came in was also in the Spanish Language Institute the same time we were there. They came here for a short little vacation to relax. He is a missionary pilot who goes into the jungles and helps people get out to get medical attention. These people have no other way of getting out except through a plane. We had a great time catching up.

Another experience we got to have is go over to our friends house and hand out some food bags to some women who live alone and have a lot of children. Our friend was one of the rehab graduates that we have kept a close relationship with and the pastor of our church brought some food bags over and we were able to go over there and share the Word, and pray over these woman that they will seek after God and reach to Him in their time of need. We had a great time and truly enjoyed being there to help.

One of the ministries that we have been doing since we got here to the island 2 years ago is teaching at the rehab. The rehab is one of the places we feel we get the most fulfillment out of what we are doing here on the island. Recovery is at our heart and we love seeing people change and get out of addiction and seek God with all their heart. We teach there every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9am to 11am. We have created some strong relationships with these men and women and we just ask that you pray that they will have changed hearts and not return to their old habits and seek Jesus with everything they got.

I am still leading a group of men in the Celebrate Recovery Step Study. We meet every Monday night at my house and have coffee and dig into the step study. We have bonded like never before and have created a brotherhood between us. We have some news about the large group Celebrate Recovery, but that will be in next months blog, so stay tuned to next month to hear more about what is going on with Celebrate Recovery here in Roatan Honduras.

I am so thankful for each and everyone of you that pray and support us to do God's will here on the island. If it was not for you all supporting us to be here and praying for us, this would not be able to happen. So, again, thanks for all that you are doing for us and for the Kingdom work that is being done here in Honduras. If you are interested in coming here to visit and see what is going on, please message Lorenda through Facebook. God is good and some great things are happening here on the island.

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