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God is so Awesome!!!!

We have had a great week! We started working with the Rehab Center here in Roatan. Lorenda and I are teaching the Bible there and working on them talking about their problems. We will soon be starting Celebrate Recovery on Saturday afternoon as a community outreach. We are so excited and love the people in the rehab. Lorenda will be posting some photos online soon with some prayer request from the individuals in the rehab. Please come along side us and help us pray for their healing and acceptance of Jesus in their hearts. God has been so good and faithful and I believe he has put us right where he wants us To be. Thank you Jesus for all that you have done for us.

I only have two classes left of learning Spanish. It has been a major blessing for us because we can understand the ones who speak Spanish, the ones who speak a mix of Spanish, English, and Islander. I truly thank the Spanish institute for teaching us Spanish.

I start my online fall semester at Eternity Bible College this coming up Monday. Please pray that I continue to learn the Bible and apply it to my life and teach my family and others what I have learned.

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