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God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!!!

This week has been amazing. I have got everything ready to start my first class for my freshman year in Bible college. I am starting early this summer to get my feet wet a little before the fall semester. I am taking Bible Study Methods (Hermeneutics) and a required English Writing class for the summer. I am so excited to be in college learning more about God's Word and how I can better teach the Honduran people about the Bible. I believe this is a great opportunity for me to gain more knowledge about the Bible and how to better answer those tough questions a lot of people have here in Honduras. Please pray for me because the next four years are going to be very busy for me, as I will be in online college and doing ministry here in Honduras full time.

I was able to get out and go to the grocery store again, and it was crazy busy. This time I did not have to get meat because last time I went, I got enough meat to last us an entire month. So, all I needed to buy this time was vegetables and a few other needed essentials, but it still took me the same amount of time as it did last time I went. The problem I had this time was the check-out line had 20 people in it in front of me. I waited in the check-out line for almost 45 min. But, thank God I got through it safely and got home safely.

I think I am finally back to where I was in Spanish before the virus/quarantine hit us here. We are on day 67. Because when it first hit, I did not have classes for almost a month before I started online and then when Lorenda had the miscarriage I took off another two weeks and now I am back in a routine with my teacher online. The only problem we have is, this is a time where we get a lot of rain and heavy heavy storms, so the power goes out a lot. When the power goes out we have no internet for our classes, so we end up losing that day of class. I ask that you pray for us, for the weather, and for the internet, that we can continue to take our classes without having problems.

I am so glad God has blessed us with this new property. We have been able to get out everyday and enjoy what God has given us. We thank you so much for your sacrificial giving and your prayers. Without you sacrificing what God has given you and your time spent in prayer for us, this would not be able to happen. Thanks again and God bless you all!!!!!!

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