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God is good.. All the time.. and all the time.. God is good

God is good and he showed off big this time!!! We have been searching for a car to get us around and man, it has been complicated. They sure know how to make cars look good on the internet with photos and then in person they are tore up and beat up. BUT, when you wait upon the Lord and be patient and pray specifically for your needs HE may, in HIS perfect timing, grant your request. Today HE granted our request and we were able to buy a car from a missionary who was selling their car because they needed a work truck for their business. We were so blessed because the missionary recently sold his car to a lawyer and the lawyer gave it back a week later because he did not like it. So, my friend Don in San Pedro Sula messaged me and said this car was available and the missionary was selling it in our price range. This car is way out of our price range and God intervened and had this car ready and available and in our price range right at the right time. All thanks goes to God and our friend Don in San Pedro Sula who took his time out of his day to help us. We were able to get a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT. It is a great car and will help us in everything we need to do here in Honduras.

I also, give thanks to all the supporters who gave generously to help us be able to get this car!!!! Please continue to pray for our safety here in Honduras and that we learn the language quickly so others can know the healing power of Jesus Christ through Celebrate Recovery. Please continue to follow along with us!!!!

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