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God has blessed us abundantly!!!!

Wow! God is so good! He has blessed us with a wonderful house to do ministry here in Honduras with. We are able to have people come out and stay with us to do ministry work. It is a 4 bedroom 4.5 bathroom house with an additional suite with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath for when we have teams of 6 come out. We also have a swimming pool to relax in and a field to play soccer, football, and a concrete pad for basketball. We have a small farm behind us that we have full access too for vegetables and fruit. This place He has blessed us with is amazing and I hope that you are able to come out and enjoy it with us. We pray that God will use this property for His glory and for His Will. We plan to host men's conferences, women's conferences, youth conferences, and much much more. We also plan to start our CR training once this quarantine opens back up.

e are now on day 53 of quarantine in Honduras, and they have made the quarantine a lot more strict than it was last week. We now can only go out once every two weeks to get groceries and to go to the hospital or the doctor. Once you enter into your town that you are going shopping in, they make you drive through a clorox car wash and you also have to get out of your car and they spray your shoes and hands. Its pretty crazy but I believe it is keeping the influx of the virus spreading through the town, and the plus is that you get a free carwash, LOL. I was able to go to the grocery store today and I had to wait for an hour and a half just to get meat. I had to wait outside the store for maybe 10 minutes till I was allowed to go in the store and shop. Only 50 people are allowed to be in the store at the same time. It was a pretty crazy day just to get groceries. I was gone for nearly three and a half hours. Thank God everything went ok and I got through it just fine.

Other than that, I am doing my Spanish classes online and they are going great. The Spanish Institute that we were going to has been shut down for the quarantine for 8 weeks now, so all of our classes are online now.

I am almost done with my application for online college. I have to write my testimony and write a paper on what my desire is for going back to school and my future of how I am going to use it. I should be able to get it done tomorrow so that I can start in the fall.

I ask that you continue to pray for us and especially for me as I will be starting college soon. Also, pray for us as a family that we continue to have a great time together and that we stay in His Word. Thank you for making this be able to happen. We pray that all goes well with y'all in the states with the virus and the opening of some of the states. Thank you for always praying for us. We love and miss y'all. God bless you all.

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