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God Can Always Change Your Plans

I give thanks to the Father above, because his ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts. He can change your plans in an instant, and are you willing to accept the change and follow His will?

My family decided to listen to God and follow his will. We will be moving to Roatan, Honduras (an island off the north shore of Honduras) to help with the rehab center there that we helped train Celebrate Recovery to last October. To be completely honest with you, I myself did not want to leave the relationships we have already built here in Comayagua and Siguatepeque. But, through lots of prayer and fully knowing that God wanted us on the island, I finally decided to follow. Now the task is trying to get there. Roatan is only getting flights and the ferry is closed and you have to take a COVID test 72 hours before purchasing your tickets, and you know the norm, usually you buy tickets weeks in advance. Here you can’t even purchase them without showing that you went and got a COVID test within 72 hours of your departure date. Well, our departure date is on Monday morning and we get our COVID test done tomorrow afternoon. Then I have to message the airlines and show proof we have negative results and then we can purchase the plane tickets. That’s not even the stressful part. On Monday we have to leave the house at 2am and drive to La Ceiba on the coast (5 hour drive) so that we can be at Island Shipping to ship our car and our belongings by 8am, and then catch a taxi to get to the airport by 9am so that we can catch our flight by 10:30am. Now that is going to be a hectic day. We need all the prayers so that things will roll smoothly on that day. Once we get to Roatan we will be looking at a few houses to pick which one we will want to rent. God only knows, so we pray that we listen and choose what He wants us to have.

I will be finishing up language school in two weeks, so pray for me that these last two weeks I can get as much in as possible.

Thank you so much for YOUR support and prayers. They mean so much to us. Without you this would be impossible.

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