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Gifts,School and Soccer!!!

Sorry, I am late, but we just had a packed schedule. This past week, we were busy, but this week was a one of a kind week.

As some of you know, I love to write poetry of what God is doing in my life. God gave me a notebook for poetry, by one of my friends getting me a notebook. This notebook means a lot to me, because the friend who gave it to made a sacrifice to give it to me. Because of her sacrifice, she made it possible for me to write down all of my meaningful poems. That is why I am so excited. So far I have written, I think, six poems in it and maybe one day y’all can come out so I can share them with y’all.

School has been good. My family is going to be switching teachers, but I am not. That is very exciting. Me personally, I do not like change and I get kind of nervous. That is why I am very excited that I am not switching teachers right now. I am also learning a lot, like all of the names for family and extended family members in Spanish.

My soccer skills have improved, because our neighbor’s uncle (who is 60 years old) taught me some skills. We tried to do some penelty kicks on him, but he blocked mostly every one. We also tried some of his tricks, but we failed to do so. I have been practicing some of his tricks. Look out for some pictures of me trying some of his tricks soon.

Pray for us because we might have a car tomorrow.

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