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Getting Fit, using Spanish, and Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Hey ya'll, hope all is well. As you know our family goes to a CrossFit gym and we have some very extreme workouts, but for the new year I made a deal with my boys that we would do 100 push-ups every weekday (Monday-Friday) for the year 2020. Whatever we miss on a weekday we make it up on Saturday. There was one week where we missed two days during the week because of being very busy and we had to do 200 push-ups on a Saturday. We started out doing ten sets of 10. We are now on six sets of 12 and two sets of 14. We are working our way up to doing 100 push-ups at one time, that is the goal for 2020. CrossFit is doing me very well, because some of you know I had two back surgeries when I was 18 years old and the only way I keep from having a lot of pain is to exercise a lot. I don't like doing basic exercise and CrossFit is very fun to me. I thank the Lord everyday that I am able to walk and am able to workout.

Spanish class has been going very well and I am learning a lot of new things. Learning Spanish has been a great opportunity for me because I have not been in school learning something new in over 17 years. Getting my brain back learning new things has been going very well for me. Please continue to pray for me as I continue to learn Spanish and use it to talk to others. My advancements are moving up. I started the school at a Novice Beginner, which is the lowest you can test in at. I am now after 5 and a half months at Intermediate Medium. That is the middle of the program and I am able to have a normal conversation with someone and I am able to comprehend a lot when someone else is speaking to me. Please continue to pray for our advancement because Lorenda and I both need to be at the advance level before we graduate in June.

This past Sunday one of my good friends here had a birthday party and we were able to attend. It was on a Sunday evening. We played Ultimate Frisbee, which I have not played in over 17 years. It was a great game of fun and laughter. We also had a few injuries. Messiah jammed his finger pretty bad and one of the doctors at the mission center we were at also got a pretty bad injury on his achilleas tendon. He was crossing paths with another guy and the other guys foot clipped his achilleas and tore it completely. Someone said, "why are we having so many injuries," and I said, "because we are a bunch of old people playing a game that young people should be playing," but we still had a great time. Come to find out the doctor went to the main city here in Honduras 2 days later and had to get surgery on his achilleas. Please pray for him for a speedy recovery. He is a mission doctor at one of the Missions here in Honduras.

I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support. Without you this would not be able to happen.

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