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Games, Exercising, and Cleaning.

This week as we played ping pong and chess tournaments, I could feel my chest pounding like a race horse. I had a feeling of nervousness and hope as I played against my family. In chess I set up a battle plan that no one understood and sometimes I carried it out and sometimes my plan was thwarted . One the other hand, in ping pong I had to pay close attention to the wild and rocket balls coming at my head . Our family had a great time playing games this week.

Whew!!! That workout was intense and tiring. I felt like I was running short of air and I was sweating bricks . I could possibly build a mansion with those bricks LOL. We did various workouts like planks, push-ups, and more. It felt really good to move around and glorify God with our bodies. As we worked out my mom played some music to motivate us to keep going .

Here's a photo of out workout we did!!!

Today we cleaned the house inside and out and it reminded me of how before Christ my life was a mess. Then when he saved me he cleaned it out completely. Every room in my heart I let him clean out. As he cleaned my heart with his blood, I cleaned the house with various cleaning supplies. We had fun cleaning by playing music while cleaning. But the question I have for you is ... have you let God clean out the rooms in your heart, if not I encourage you to let God clean out every room, not just some.

P.S. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy it. God bless ya'll during this season of our lives.

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