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Future Tense and Lots of Cooking!!!!!

Hey everyone!!! Exciting news.... I’m working on future tense in Spanish!!! That’s exciting for the simple fact that for the last three months I’ve been speaking only in present tense (I walk, I write, I play, I say...). Now I can say what I’m doing later/in the future (I am going to...., I desire to...., I plan to.....). It’s another step in learning the language. Check out my notes from class one day and a story I had to read and talk about. 👇🏻

Another fun part of my week was learning to cook some typical foods here. This week I learned to cook 2 new things....

1.“arroz con leche”/rice pudding (with Marta)

2. “sopa de frijoles con costillas de cerdo”/bean soup with pork ribs (with Elisa and Enma)

Both were so yummy!!!! Lots of learning going on not only about the language, but also about the culture and cooking typical foods here!!! Loving it here in Honduras!!! God is so good! Blessed to be able to learning at such an amazing school! Thanks for coming along for the journey...God’s work in Honduras!

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