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Howdy guys it's Messiah. This week has been pretty good. I've been cracking out school like crazy, and I'm really excited. Mom and I today were talking about what I'm going to do after high school, and where I'm going to go..... THAT'S A BIG QUESTION. I know that wherever I go, it's going to be to a university that has a music program. I love music and I know that God has called me to it. Not too long ago, I was debating about being a pilot. I love traveling, and I want to provide for my family. My mom told me "A pilot is a good way to provide for your family, but if you work for an airliner, you may not always be there for your family due to traveling." I know that she's right because she knows that I LOVE to travel, and I could get caught up in it in a moment. If I become a music minister, I can get the best of both worlds. I get to be home with my family, provide for them, and travel on mission trips. Before, I was just looking at the pay check, and the salary of six digits. My parents didn't take sides on if I should become a pilot or do music, which was pretty stressful, but they told me to be in God's will and nothing more. I know that I have problems with wanting to never again be in the lifestyle I was in before my parents now, so I have to watch myself. I want to provide, love, care, and protect my family from any deficiency possible. I don't want my future family to be in need like I was as a child. I need to trust in God and be in his will. Thank God that I have parents that trained me, and are still training me to be a man of God.

Moving right along...on 12 grade classes early with only 4 more to go!!! Check out the homeschool quarantine uniform.....

I'm so excited that we have mangos in our back yard. Mom and I ate some the other day, and the were sour, but sweet in a way. They were really good and I enjoyed them. The good thing is that we have a LOT more mangos growing on the tree. I can't wait to have more!!! When I picked the mangos, they had a sap on them that I personally think smelled like OFF bug repellent. They are still as hard as a rock, LITERALLY, so we have to wait a while to eat those delicious little things.

These are a few mangos that I picked on the tree.

This week I'm going to do something different. From now on, I'm going to post a song and I want y'all to comment on it, please!!!!

The song is called “Nothing Else” by Cody Carnes.

I picked this song because I'm trusting in God for my future to want nothing but Him... Tell me what you think about it. I hope that if anyone who read this blog is struggling with relying on God, this blog and song will help them. There is a part in the song that says "I'm sorry when I came with my agenda/ I'm sorry, when I forgot you were enough." I know that for me, there are a lot of times when I forget that he is enough.

Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope that y'all benefitted from it. Talk to y'all next week.

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