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Further update on the bleeding.....

So we are just going to go straight to the update from the continued bleeding from my miscarriage. This has taken a lot of my energy and time trying to get my body back regulated after the miscarriage, it's just taking a little longer than I would like...BUT GOD has a plan and I am trusting in that!

Thankful for friendships God set up in beforehand that helped me find a local doctor. These women are amazing and are always there to help, a true blessing from God!

Saturday I ended up going to a local OBGYN and he found tissue from the miscarriage still in my uterus from 2 months ago. This tissue was not seen on the ultrasound right after my miscarriage, but showed up now...not sure why, but it had to come out. The doctor scrapped my uterus to try and help my body rid the tissue that my body hasn't been able to get rid of on its own. Praise the Lord I didn't have an infection after having left over miscarriage tissue in my uterus for 2 months...the doctor was shocked, but that's God taking care of me! I am on 2 medications for managing the continued bleeding...but grateful it's not a hormonal medication, praise God!!! Those hormonal medication were crazy pills for sure. One medication that I have to take right now is for 5 straight days and the other is for 2 months. The doctor assured me that after taking the 5 day med the bleeding should be gone. Please pray alongside me that this is the solution, but if not that I would continue to trust the Lord to pull me through this.

I just want to give a shout out to my guys for being by my side during all of this and helping me with whatever. They are the best!! Truly a blessing from God!!

Lord willing I will be fully better next week without any bleeding. Please pray with me for this! Thanks in advance for your prayers. Love an miss y'all!!!

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