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Fun in the streets and a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Wow, it has been awhile since I have blogged. We have been really busy. I am going to talk about a few things Lorenda did not mention in her blog.

We went to Comayagua on a Thursday night to help the church we attend with the coat closet. It was a great experience. We got to witness to people in the street and give them food and clothes. Once we gave them food and clothing we got to pray over them. This experience to me was awesome. So many people in Honduras are in need of a Savior. Good thing we have one, and his name is Jesus Christ. I love that people here will listen to you because they have nothing else to look forward too. Thank you Lord for putting us in this wonderful place and also showing us where we need to be in the future.

Another thing i would like to talk about is Thanksgiving. Since we are not able to celebrate Thanksgiving in the states with family and friends we celebrated it here with the teachers from our school and other missionaries. It was a great opportunity to talk in Spanish with the teachers outside of school. Here are a few pics of Thanksgiving at our school. We also played a little football too.

Please continue to pray for us as we will soon be doing a step study in January with the church leaders of our church in Comayagua, Honduras. Love and miss y’all.

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