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Fun, fun and...more fun

Hey guys! This month was great serving and having lots of fun.


"Operation help build a bathroom/shower"

My birthday was one I will never forget because I served in an amazing way. My mom has a really good friend who has no shower/bathroom. A few days before my birthday I was joking about wanting a job from one of our friends from church who has a mechanic shop, but he said NOPE. We were both just joking around. Little did I know, my mom had a job coming up for help with the construction project of building her friend a shower/bathroom. What better way to celebrate turning 15 than to help with the project. The first day of the project, on my birthday, it started to downpour while we were working. The rain came, but one thing is sure did was cool us workers off. The project is not done yet, but soon it will be.

Picture of me working soaked from the rain...

"Chess club"

A long time ago, God placed it in my heart to start a chess club for the youth on this island. My goal is to help spark the minds of many youth and ultimately share the gospel through the chess pieces. I am working on making it available to English and Spanish speakers. Pray that kids will be interested in coming and that I will have boldness to be a leader for Jesus on the island.

Picture of translating chess materials into Spanish...


"Long time no see friend"

At the beginning of this month, we took a trip to the mainland to check out the Celebration Place program (kids Celebrate Recovery program) that is going on at a family life center in Tegus. A bonus, was I got to see an old friend of mine in the old neighborhood we lived in. As some of y'all know we lived in a little town called Siguatepeque where we took about one whole year of Spanish classes. While I was there I met a friend name Jonathan. We haven't seen each other in about two whole years and when I saw him I was surprised at how different he looked. His voice changed and he grew about two he was different. That very night we got invited to play a scrimmage soccer game with our friends women's soccer team who play every day and Jonathan was able to come play too. I scored only once and they literally wore us out. It was so fun and hopefully I will get an opportunity to do it again.

Picture of me and Jonathan (and Carlitos a friend from the language school)...

Prayer Requests

-that God will refine me..clean my heart

Praise Report

-someone very special is coming to the island in April to visit us

This month was so fun having fun and...more fun! See y'all next month for April's blog.

Catch you later


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