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Friends that happen to be therapists...double bonus

I want tonight to focus on the blessing of friendship. God is so amazing to bless us with sweet godly friendships!! He has been so good here and blessed us all with so many great friends, but for tonight I want to talk about one who came by to help tonight.

Some of you can remember me breaking my ankle Friday December 13th and I ended up having to be in a cast, then boot for a total of 3 months. Well fast forward to Friday March 13th I received news from the doctor that my ankle was healed and that I could start walking and doing some basic exercises to regain strength in my ankle. Then came quarantine....been in the house now for 38 days and counting.

A sweet friend from language school just so happened to be a physical therapist. Some may call that a coincidence, I call it a blessing from God. God knew I would hurt my ankle and that I would need someone to help me recuperate. Well it has been so much more than that!! We enjoy time together talking about our main love JESUS, hanging out playing games/having bon-fires/etc., and getting me back healed so I can get back to getting my body in shape for better service to our Lord and possibly another baby in the future. Only God knows.

So here are my gifts from my sweet friend today (aka workout materials)...

Here are my workouts that I need to do...

She has helped me through video and even stopped by today because she cares about my well being and because this is what Jesus has called her to do here in Honduras...physical therapy. I am beyond blessed for her friendship and therapy exercises.

The boys had her taking a typing test and playing games during her visit. Messiah said, “It’s so good to see someone from the outside world.”

May we all take some time to thank God for the special people he blesses us with along this crazy journey we call life. Until next Wednesday. Miss and love y‘all!!

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