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Friends...and of course SPANISH class!

We have met so many kind people since living here. God has heard our prayers and given us MANY friends here in Siguatepeque, Honduras. The teachers at the school are wonderful, the other missionaries here have been so hospitable and kind, and the locals we have met have been great!!! We love it here in Honduras!!!

A special thing that happened today was a good friend came by with a thoughtful gift and encouraging words (led by the Holy Spirit) for our boys! We serve here in Honduras as a family and she noticed their individual spiritual talents. Here’s what they got...👇🏻

Guenther shares his testimony through poetry, while Messiah shares his through music. Blessed to have two amazing kids who serve the Lord with us here in Honduras. 💚💙 Super Blessed yo have friends who encourage them in their spiritual gifts/talents!

Spanish class is going great. We have been taking classes for almost 2 😮 time flies! We have a week off next week (all public schools are off), but we will be studying our Spanish at home and practicing in the community. We have dedicated a year to learning Spanish. Please continue to pray for us to have a deep understanding and use of the Spanish language. We’re blessed to be learning st an amazing school with amazing teachers!!! We are so thankful to God and a recommendation by some friends to go here...we love it!!!

Thank you for your prayers, financial support and encouragement!!! We couldn’t do this without our team...y’all!!! 💗 We think of you often and pray in general, but would love to pray for y’all specifically. Please reach out and we as a family would love to come alongside you in prayer for a need you have. Love and miss y’all ❤

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