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Hey guys. Sorry that I'm late. This week has been a pretty good week. I've been continuing to worship, and I'm so glad. I have devoloped a close friendship with an islander here named Ceejay. He is the guy that I help lead worship with. He loves the Lord, and has true, deep worship. When I talk to him or tell him how he did good on singing, he's always really humble. I love to play music and to sing with him in English and Spanish. Whenever we're hanging out, it's always a blessing.

Pictures of us singing in Spanish...

I don't know if y'all remember, but a while back. I blooged on how God blessed me with dogs. One dog (Monkey) was adopted and went to the States. He is now doing good, and is in Washington State. Now Lala is left. She is sooooooo sweet, and wouldn't hurt a fly. A few weeks ago, she hurt her back, and couldn't walk. We decided to bring her in the house at night to make sure that she was okay. I had to lay on the hardwood floor by her. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was so sore, and on top of that, Lala wanted to crawl and move around the house. To keep an eye on her, I had to wake up like 10 times a night, so after those three days, I was totaly exhausted!!! It was worth it because now she is better. I'm so glad God has blessed me with her.

Pictures of Lala...

Now for the song of the week:

The song ot the week is "So will I" by Hillsong UNITED. Heres the link...

I love this song because it's sang by Hillsong and because of the meaning. I love the last part that says "If you gave your life to love them so will I. Like you would again a hundred billion times. But what measure could amount to your desire. Your the one who never leaves the one behind." To sing this song, we really need to prepare our hearts. There is nothing that can compare to his desire for us, and he will never leave us.

Thank y'all for reading my blog. I pray that y'all have a good week.

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