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Freedom from crutches FRIDAY!!!!!

My Christmas break has been one like no other....I have been in a cast for almost 4 weeks now, but Friday it’s getting cut off!!! I can’t wait and I know Tyler can’t wait too (he has helped me so much this past month and is ready for a nap).

Here’s the back story on how my ankle broke. Friday December 13th we went to workout as usual. Part of the work out was going up and over a box and then getting back up and over to the other side rapidly.... repeating this for a set amount of repetitions. Everyone else was jumping on, over and off, but I was only stepping up, over and off. Well, as moms do...I was attempting to multi-task and help Guenther pick weight sizes while exercising. BAD idea especially when the floor happens to be a little uneven. With my right foot on the box and stepping down with my left foot, my ankle rolled into the uneven ground below. At that moment I heard a crack in my ears, but thought it was only sprained bad.

For 7 days I RICEed my, ice, compression and elevation. The swelling went down a little and I wasn’t in much pain, but my ankle bone (the outside ball on the side of my ankle) was very tender. So I went in for an X-ray (they took me right away) and sure enough, it was broke. Immediately I was sent to an orthopedic doctor (he took me right away) and after looking at the X-ray, he put a cast on my left foot all the way up to my knee.

So for the past 5 weeks I have been hopping around here on crutches, but Friday I’m free!!!! Please pray that the bone has completely healed and that I can start getting my foot back used to walking etc. Freedom in 2 days from crutches!!!!

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