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Four minus One...

This week has been very different without my mom. My mom went to the states to be there to support her brother who has cancer close to his kidney. She will be there 3 weeks straight...I know that's a long time! This will be the longest time she has ever been away from us. I have been kind of sad and so I wrote her a poem to deal with my sadness.

Check it out in the picture below!

1,758 miles apart from you to me

From the great State Illinois to the Island Roatan

1,758 miles apart fighting for your brothers Precious life

1,758 miles apart while I am thinking of you

And all our great memories

Although we are 1,758 miles apart I will still love and call you mom

I am waiting for the moment I hear your plane coming back

So then we won't have to be 1,758 miles


Love you mom!!!

-Guenther Adams

This week at the Rehab we had 3 graduate . It is soo cool to see these people recover into new people. This coming up week will be our first week of teaching without mom. Pray that many more find recovery from their addictions. Also, that more people come and find Jesus and Recover.

Thank y'all for reading my blog and pray for me, my brother, and my dad, Bye!!!

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