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Five years ago today...

God is so good!!!! Five years ago today we were downtown Chicago finalizing our adoption with our boys!! We’ve been a family for seven years but it took two years to get through the adoption. Messiah and Guenther have taught me a lot and have brought laughter into our home. We love hanging out together by playing games together, watching movies, and now traveling the world 🌍 together sharing Jesus ✝️ where ever God leads us. God answers prayers...we prayed for a child and God answered in His way and His time. God gave us 2 blessings 💙💚 (7 total, but that’s for another post). Now, days have not always been easy. I’ve made mistakes a long the way, but man do I love my boys!!! Blessed beyond measure. Thank y’all for following along with our journey and being part of the team of what God‘s doing in Honduras. Whether you are a prayer warrior and/or financial partner....what you do is changing lives here in Honduras for eternity. We love and miss y’all! *after workout we had a celebration with our favorites: coffee drinks and “chilly willys”...local ice cream out of a plastic bag

>>prayers please...we will be headed to Roatan on Saturday to help a team that is bringing Celebrate Recovery to the island. We are so pumped!!! Can’t wait!! Doing mission work at a beach location...God knows my heart, love serving Him and love the beach. He combined them and we are ready! We’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for your prayers!

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