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Finished with 1st year of College!!!

Hey guys it's Messiah, I am so glad that this semester is over! Though I'm excited that this semester is over, this semester has been one of the hardest periods in my life. A lot of stuff has happened, But I'm glad that I am able to endure it.

Another exciting thing that has happened this semester is that I have gotten accepted into upperclassman housing. I'm going to live in a town hall on campus with a bunch of people that I get to meet that are seniors. Looking back at this semester,I'm grateful to have met the friends that I have, and I have had a lot of opportunities to serve the Lord. Leading worship it was one of those opportunities. I'm grateful that my freshman year is done and I can't wait to move on to my sophomore year. I can't say that I have learned a lot from my freshman year that I can take into my sophomore year. For instance I can study a lot better and I need to work a lot less so I can study. I got caught up in making money that I worked more than I actually studied. I also worked so much that I failed to take time to make better friendships then I have. But other than that, I had a really goodsemester and I'm grateful that God has led me here.

Along with college there are some decisions that I am possibly going to make that are really big so pray that I make the right choice and stay in the center of God's will. Just like my mom says, the safest place to be is in the center of his will.

Without going into details, let's just say that I no longer have a girlfriend, And it really hurts, Especially when you thought that she was the one. It's hard for me to say this and I don't know if I truly believe it, but people keep on telling me life has to go on. If I were to be honest, I don't really wanna move on. But I guess someday it has to happen right?

Enough of the sadness though, life is good. It has its ups and downs, but as long as you stay focused on God it's all good.for your back at home in Honduras, I will be coming hopefully from the 2nd of July to the 16th. I'm excited to come back home. I get to see all my friends, I get to dive, I get to see my family, and I get to lead worship at church.

That's all for now I hope you all have a great month. I will blog again soon.

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