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FINALLY....friends and b-ball!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’ve been praying for friends, and they finally arrived, and what’s even better is that they are right across the street from us. How I met them (him) was really bazaar. His dad was having a party for a new church that he was starting. The good thing is that there were a lot of kids at the party. We heard them playing outside, and we were curious to see them. Most people know me to be outspoken, but i’m about 50/50. I wasn’t going to go out and play, but my mom made me. I gave every excuse in the book to not go out, but as most of you know, when my mom says something, it rarely changes. So we went out there and had sooooooooooooo much fun. We played soccer, tag, freeze tag, and capture the flag. I’m so glad that my mom made me go out there and play.

God answered with even more friends...we went to another missionary’s house who has 8 kids. We played soccer and lots of other things.

Also, this week, we FINALLY got to play basketball as a family!!! As most of you know, this is my favorite sport. It was so hot, but it was worth every sweat drop. It was Dad and Guenther verse me, and I won 11-9. I also played Guenther and mom at “pig” and I won! It was lit!

After we got to see a women's (really girls) soccer scrimmage. Two of them play on the Honduras women’s international soccer team. When you talk about breaking ankles, they did it. The reason we went was because a friend we know coaches that team, and it’s the towns local soccer team.

Although that was a cool experience, the best is language school. We are learning sooo much word-wise and culturally. I have an awesome teacher and can’t wait to learn more.

Alright, that’s all I have for y’all this week. Thanks for reading and I’ll see y’all next Monday.

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