• Lorenda Adams

Fighting sickness while on break (possible car soon 😁)

All public schools are off this week including our language school. Durning this week off, I’m fighting a little cold (cough and runny nose). Prayers please!

The week before, I got a sunburn that turned into heat rash, but it’s much better. Now I know why people use umbrellas here when it’s not block the sun. I now keep an umbrella ☂ in my backpack at all times. Plus it’s rainy season, so it works great to always have an umbrella ☔️ or 🌞!

Side note...we’ve been praying for a car and I know y’all have been praying with us. God has funded a vehicle, yay God!!!! We are hoping to go look at a vehicle tomorrow as long as the money wire goes through. We have looked at a few, but things just didn’t work out. The vehicle we’re looking at is another missionaries vehicle that’s for sale and it seats 7, so we’ll have plenty of room for y’all when you visit 😁. Prayers that this goes smoothly.

God is so faithful and we know he will continue to guide us. Blessed to be a part of what He’s doing in Honduras 🇭🇳 ❤️✝️.

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