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Father's Day and School

Hey guys! Long time no talk. This week was absolutely amazing celebrating Father's Day. Our church throws a competition of activities we have to do with our fathers for a week. We cooked a wonderful, delicious meal for my Dad, and after he took the first bite he devoured it.

We also did one of his favorite activities which is of course... working out. We did a workout called the"deck of death". And yes the name is as bad as the workout. We were sweating bricks, but thanks to God it started raining and that cooled us off a little. Afterwards we all stunk and were sore.

This week has reminded me to appreciate my Dad more. I believe the moment that we appreciate someone is when we lose them. Remember to always treat your dads or the father figures in your lives with love. That includes your inlaws! So, I encourage you to call your dads and let them know how much you appreciate them. This father's week was amazing and I hope you made it amazing for your father too.

This week due to power outage we had no Spanish class. I am practicing Spanish a tad bit each day. I find myself sometimes speaking spanglish in a regular conversation. Also, I've improved greatly, so the next time I see y'all I can speak Spanish with y'all. Make sure to practice.

Thank y'all for reading my blog. Bye!!

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