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'Sup guys, it's me, Messiah. This week I'm so glad that I get to blog, because it's been a great week. This week, a missionary family had a fall festival for all the missionary families in the area. You may think,"Oh it's just a fall festival", but to families here, we kind of miss that stuff. This week, at the fall festival, we had such a fun time. I got to meet new missionary friends and play soccer and basketball. I also got to use my new soccer cleats which were awesome. I'm so glad that we went there, and can't wait to hang out with other missionaries again.

I have more great news to share!!! The Lord opened a door for a possible leadership role that I need to take very seriously. We've been going to a church in Comayagua (about 45 minutes from where we live) and we love it. We have established a good connection with the pastor and his wife. His wife helps lead worship at the church and she sings goooooooooood!!! One day she came over our house, and we sang together, and I played the guitar. This week when we went to church, she asked me if I wanted to be on the worship team. I immediately was excited and asked how this was going to work, and what she wanted me to do. She said that they have four classes that they would require me to take before I started. I said that I definitely would take these classes. I felt honored that they would ask me to help them. So will y'all please pray for me to stay humble, focus on God, and learn more songs in Spanish. I know about 5 songs in Spanish, but I need to know more. The good thing is that it's a bilingual church, so they sing in English, and Spanish. I will be starting these classes in 2 weeks and can't wait.

Now for the grand finale. I'm glad to say that CrossFit has been great, and I'm getting better on the exercises. I've been working on my handstand walk, but that's hard. Today, I just did 5 muscle-ups IN A ROW, and I was soooooooooo excited!! Thank y'all for reading. Talk to ya next week.

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