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Doughnuts, anyone!

Hey guys, it’s Messiah! I’ve had a pretty good week from last Monday. We’ve done a lot of school work this week, and I did pretty good. One highlight this week is that we went to a church that was all Spanish, but at the end, they spoke good English. We went with a friend to the church, and afterward, we went out for baleadas. Those are so good, and a typical Honduran plate.

Another highlight is that today (Monday) we went to see how a woman who is 87 makes doughnuts.

The school went on a field trip there, and we had so much fun. The crazy thing is that she was selling them for 2 lempiras each, which works out to be about 8 cents a doughnut. 8 CENTS! That’s insanely cheap for a doughnut. This lady who makes the doughnuts works super hard. She has been making them since she was 3 years old, and is still making them. It was good seeing how she makes it, but the smell of concentration of egg yolk just about killed me, along with the curdled milk.

Really the curdled milk is what got to me. We finally saw how the dough was maid and how it was fried, then we headed out. To make these doughnuts, she uses 100 pounds of lard or crisco to fry them in. SUPER unhealthy.

Like I said, we had a pretty good week. Alright that’s all I have for y’all this week. Until next week.

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