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Hi guys, this week has been pretty good, even though we were in quarantine. To be honest, we have had a lot of family time, and my parents are finally interested in playing chess. I'm excited about this because I love playing chess, and usually they didn't, but now they do. We watched a movie about a girl in Ghana who became great at chess. Ever since we watched that movie my parents have loved playing it. I'm happy, because my love language is quality time, and that's what I've been getting from this 29 days in quarantine. I also had a fun time doing things in the house like making tortillas, helping cook, learning my guitar, and much more. I think I'm getting used to being in the house all day. I don't like it, but I think that I'm getting used to it. The thing that makes being in the house bearable is movies, and family.

Since we're in quarantine, we've been knocking out a lot of school. Mom set up a plan to get me completely done with high school by the end of the year. Possibly the New Years party is going to be a graduation party also. I can't wait to be done with high school because I'll have time to study my music, get better at it, and study Spanish and other languages.

A lot of companies are giving a lot of stuff for free since we are in quarantine, and we're taking advantage of that. There is a guitar company (Fender) who has an app that teaches you to be a better guitar player than you are. This teaches you to read tabs, guitar sheets, and even regular music sheets. They teach a lot more, but this was just an example. Since I'm learning, my dad is now interested and is learning the basics of the guitar on this app. He has a lot of work to do because he literally JUST started learning, but I believe that he'll get there. I have an advantage because I know a pretty good bit about the guitar. I still have to learn about 10x's as much about the guitar though. Actually you never stop learning about music. I'm excited that dad is learning. I'm also excited that I'm learning more and more, and I can't wait.

Okay guys, I hope that y'all are okay over there. I've heard that there were a lot of storms over there, and it did a lot of damage. We are all okay over here and it is beautiful weather. When I say beautiful, I mean sunny and 90+ degrees. I'll hopefully see y'all soon.

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