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This week has been absolutely awesome. We did a study on the cultures of Honduras 🇭🇳 In language school. Each class did a study on a different tribe, and had to say what they learned ALL IN SPANISH. I was fortunate because I only had a few things to say. I also liked it because we got to try food from each tribe. After, we had a Honduran lunch at the school, which consisted of tamalitos, catrachas, horchata, and something made of corn in a pudding texture. Those things were so good.

Now, for the best part!!!!! Our box (CrossFit gym) was having a big workout competition, 🏋️‍♀️. The workout consisted of a 1 mile run, 37 burpees, and 20 air squats for THREE ROUNDS within 45 minutes. I finished in 35:25 exactly; 2nd in my heat, I think 5th overall (out of appx 40). After the competition a guy was promoting protein powders that helped with the workout. I drank the wrong one 😮 . The one I drank was supposed to be before the workout to give you energy, but I accidentally drank it after. It was LOADED with caffeine, so I was hyped!!!!! I had so much energy I did an extra workout by myself (weight lifting and double unders with the jump rope). That extra energy from the drink, on top of my ADHD, sent me off the roof top!! After the workout, we had a cook out and instead of buns they had corn tortillas. It was a great experience!!!!

Thats all I have, I’ll see y’all next week. Love y’all and I can’t wait to see y’all again.

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