• Guenther Adams

Crazy Fun Adventures!!!

I have had a good time this week with many fun adventures!!!

This week our Spanish school group went to a public school for little kids and I tried to use as much Spanish that I knew to explain '' Duck Duck Goose ''. The first group listened, but the second group went crazy.

I am doing good in Spanish. I am learning how to make longer sentences and use connectors. I am soon very excited I have Reyna as a new teacher. The reason why I am happy to have her is because she has worked at the school the longest.

This week I have tried many crazy things. I tried a crazy, sour fruit and a traditional Honduran soup, that had meat, pataste , yuca, rice and beans. I have tried to speak Spanish. I have tried making my friends dance...dancing goofy and having others try my dance helps me to get in a good mood (new ways I am using to help with my depression/anxiety).

One last thing, I have completed 8th grade Math...YAY!!!!I have had a good week trying many crazy things. I guess that's my week!! I'll see you next week!

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