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Hey, it's Messiah. This week is basically the same as the week before. I talked to my friend Jonathan on WhatsApp, and that was pretty cool.

We've also been staying in touch with our Honduran church. They have a Facebook live post that they do Sundays , Wednesdays, and sometimes other days.

Also, yesterday, I found out that one of my youth pastors in Illinois does online videos to watch since they can't gather. (The reason I say one of my youth pastors is because I've moved a lot, so I have one in Illinois, Georgia, and Alabama). I'm glad that we have technology today because it's so helpful.

We also played family cards games during the weekend like "UNO" and "DOS" (there is actually a game "DOS" and it's pretty fun). We played chess and other fun games also. The weekdays usually consist of homeschooling because I want to finish High School (only 1 year left). My family loves watching family movies, so we watched "Son of God" and "A Powerful Prayer". Yesterday we were sitting on our patio, because that is the closest we can get to being outside. We listed to music, Guenther acted some of them out and I just sang. After that Mom made up riddles for us to guess in a game called...riddle me this. This really gives us a lot of time to hang out as a family.

Now since I don't have Spanish classes face to face, my Spanish is stagnant. I'm not losing it, it's just slowing down. Now since I'm talking to my friend, I can use it more and sharpen the tools that I have learned. When I go back to taking face to face Spanish classes, hopefully I won't have as many errors.

Our family is doing great. Hopefully the virus will clear up soon so we can come and see y'all. If it doesn't clear up, I'm fine with that because I love the people here. I love y'all too, but I would love to be here for my birthday. The original plan was to leave June 30th, right before my birthday (July 7th). I know that one day it will clear up and we will be able to come back to the states to see y'all.

We also have baby mangos growing on our mango tree in our backyard, and hopefully in about a month, they will be ready to eat.

Thank you for reading my blog. I'll see you next week!

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