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Commitment, Extreme Workouts and Spanish School

Hey guys! I am so sorry for last Tuesday. I kept forgetting to work on my blog and kept waiting to the last minute to post. I will try my very best to start being on time every Tuesday to post my blog, because it is important to God and y'all that I keep my commitment.

This week my dad, brother, and I got back working out at home. We did two extreme workouts that you think at first is easy. I was pumped before and personally I thought I would be able to finish it in less than 30 minutes. I was a little wrong... it was hard. As I was working, I could feel the blistering hot sun and you could see the sweat streaming off my shiny head. While I was working out, I was just thanking God for making me one of his masterpieces that can glorify him by working out.

Friday’s workout....

Saturday’s workout...

Spanish school is absolutely fun and right now really easy to learn. I am learning how to start using a little past tense, and it is super east for me. The past tense I am learning in spanish is called "imperfecto" or in english "imperfect". Here's a little example, if I wanted to say, when I was a child, my family always ate breakfast. In spanish you would say, cuando era nino, mi familia siempre comian desayuno. I am soo glad I am learning a little past tense, instead of only speaking in present. I am excited to learn and share more of what I learned taking online language school.

a page of my class notes...

Thank y'all for taking time out of your day to care enough to read my blog. I hope you enjoy it. See you next week, God bless you or Dios le bendiga. Adios!!!

Oh! And one more thing continue praying for our family, especially my mom.

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