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Comforting a Friend and Enjoying Friendships

Hello guys! I can't wait to share eith you some ways I served God this month and enjoyed friendships. Let's get to it, ready!

You're probbaly wondering what in the world is he talking about "comforting a friend"? First I got to get you there. Long story short, a recent rehab graduate named Bani, who just recovered from drugs, suddenly lost his mom. We as a family helped comfort him during the stessful and chaotic time. One night at his mom's wake, God used me to pray for him because he was extremly stressed. I got to lay hands on him and comfort and encourage him to keep fighting. Bani also has a son named Banito (translated little Bani). As I was at the wake, I could see Banito sad because of the sad atomosphere around him. Even though I didnt pray or lay hands on him, I was there to play soccer, uno and talk to him during this sad time of losing his grand-mother. I am so blessed God used me to comfort my friends and can't wait tio see how He will use me again.

Me and my friend Banito at his grandmother‘s wake…

Me and Banito playing soccer….

This is an awesome God story I want to share. A student in the rehab, that is now a new leader in the rehab, had an eye accident. One day while he was working, he threw down a bag of cement and said the powder flew in his left eye. His first reaction was to rub his eye, which he did and he accidently damaged his cornea. The day he came fom the hospital my parents were teaching at the rehab and we saw him come in with this big eye bandage. My mom saw him and immediatly stopped to pray for him. She then led the rehabers to all pray for him at the end of the teaching. After the class, I felt God saying, "touch his eye bandage and pray healing over it like your mom." A few days ago, he said he now sees 70% out of his eye now and is slowly healing. Praise the LORD! This month was filled with God stories, but this one was my favorite.

Hector with his eye patch the day we prayed for him….

This month I enjoyed playing lots of sports like baseball and pickleball. I am now playing baseball with some island kids almost every Wednesday. Recently we just played a little scrimmage together. I played 2nd base and earned a few points for my team. It was so fun! Another sport I enjoy playing here is pickleball. I know it sounds funny, but it is super fun. This game is like ping pong, tennis and badmittan all at once and for all ages. Believe it or not, 60-70 year old people can beat us any day. I had a lot of fun playing baseball and pickleball with my friends.

Me at baseball practice…

I’m in the back right playing pickleball with pros…

My favorite way we enjoyed friendships is by hanging out with a missionary friend who started a clinic years ago. We played sequence one night, Mexican train one night and a marble game named Sam. Ms. Peggy is so sweet and every time we leave her house, she plans the next game. These were sweet times and I can't wait for our next game night.

Then one more fun thing we did was learn to make island soup, and we got to eat it at the end. This soup had king crab, conch, jack (fish), dumplings, and much more. Danny, the guy who was teaching us to make this soup, was celebrating his birthday that day with us. I loved it because we had deep conversations about the Bible, like remarriage (right or wrong). After that long conversation, my mind was fried like a potato chip. I took a mental break and watched soccer with their oldest son Ezri. I really enjoyed hanging out and enjoying friendships this entire month.

the soup we learned to make…

Me and the guys…

I have so much more I can share, but it would take up all of your time. This month was fun and I am looking forward to next month.

Prayer Request:

-that I will let God overcome my flesh

Praise Report:

-I am making some kid friendships

Thanks for checking in to see my adventures serving God and having fun. God bless y'all!

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