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College, College, College

This week has been really crazy for me, in college. I got a little confused on my due dates and ended up turning in some of my work late. I had to write an email to my professors saying that I got confused with the due dates and that it will never happen again. My Bible Study Methods (Hermeneutics) class has been really tough. I am having to do a lot of reading and writing discussion questions that the teacher post online that we as a class have to comment on and conversate about. I have put myself on a schedule, so what is due on Friday, I do on Monday through Wednesday, and what is due on Monday, is done Thursday through Saturday. I did this so that I can stay on task and that I will not get behind in my classes. I am usually the first student to respond to the discussion questions so I have to wait till others respond to the discussion question before I can communicate with them about the question. A lot of the time the other students don't do their discussion question till last minute so when I have already moved on, I usually have to go back and reply to the answers of the other students on the questions. This is what you have to go through doing online classes for college. If you are asking, I am doing very well in my Hermeneutics class and I have 20 grades already done. I have all 100% except for one grade that is a 90%. I did an extra credit paper on a 42 page article that will bring my 90% up to a 100%. I really want to try and keep a 100 average in the class and I will do all that I can to keep it that way. I also am taking another class for the summer which is an English Writing class that is mandated by the school to take. I have written three papers in that class, first paper was a little bit about me and why I was going back to college to get a Biblical Studies degree, second paper was a summary on the book of Jonah, third paper that I finished yesterday was a two page paper on a philosophy topic of my choice and I chose "Why you should wear a wedding ring all the time". I have made all 100% in this class so far but what I am really worried about is the research paper for the final grade. But, I gave it all to the Lord and I know he will get me through it.

Another thing that has been going on this week is that since Lorenda had a miscarriage on April 1st she has been bleeding for more than two months. She just recently went to the doctor and got cleaned out and they put her on a couple different types of medications. I really ask that you pray for her that she stops bleeding and gets back to normal. She has not had a lot of energy because of how much blood she has been losing. I ask again that you pray for her and also pray for me that I continue to serve her well.

Thanks for all that y'all have been doing for us and praying for us. God is awesome and we want to follow his will at all cost!!!

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