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Coffee Date ☕️ 😋

This past weekend was a pretty busy with church events...marriage conference on Friday, Youth conference on Saturday, and church on Sunday. Friday we had a great time at the marriage conference laughing a lot, which is sooo good!!! We also learned about looking at the 6 different covenants in a marriage, which was really interesting and helpful. Then Saturday while the boys were at the youth conference at church, we went out for coffee with friends. It was a great time of catching up and discussing our futures here in Honduras. Here’s my yummy coffee...

As for my Spanish classes, I’m working on book 4 and I am working on present perfect “have worked, have been working”. We have learned so much these past 7 months, I’m just trying to keep it all straight. I am also working on using all of the tenses I have learned (present, past..2 different types, present perfect, commands, etc) in a story aloud fluently. I’m getting there, thanks to God hearing y’all’s prayers for Him to help this brain soak all of this language up. Keep praying, it’s working!!! I also have been learning more and more Hondureñismos. These are phrases or words here that are commonly said that can’t be understood literally, kind of like English idioms. I love learning these. Here’s an example...“Vale la Pena” which means “It’s worth it”.

It’s has be so worth taking time to learn Spanish first before jumping into full fledged ministry work. We are blessed to have this solid foundation to communicate with the people here. Only 4 more months of language. Time is going to fly by, but we are going to soak up as much as possible. Thanks for y’all’s support and prayers!!!

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