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Hey guys, it's Messiah. This week has been pretty good. On Thursday, our neighbor helped us cut some coconuts that he gave to us. We got to drink the water out of it, and eat the meat out of it. The flesh of the coconut was great, and tasted really good. My mom's coconut was harder while mine was softer. Usually I didn't like coconuts, but now, I guess I do.

Picture of the coconut...

This week, I want to ask for and unspoken prayer request. I guess if y'all could pray that God helps me through this problem.

NOW FOR THE SONG OF THE WEEK: Remember to comment on it and tell me what you think about it. This week, the song is Reckless love by Cory Asbury.

link for the song...

A LOT of people don't like this song because it says that God's love is reckless. The way I see it is that in our eyes, it is reckless, but in God's eyes, it's extreme love. If you had 100 sheep, and one ran away, would you leave the rest of the sheep to get the 1? More than likely not because no one is there to protect the 99 you would leave behind to find the1. God values each and everyone of us no matter what we do. In the second verse, it says "When I was your foe, still your love fought for me. You have been so, so good to me". God still loved us when we were against him. I love this song, and hopefully this changed your mind about the song if you didn't like it before.

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope that y'all are doing okay. We are still in quarantine, but I think they are loosening up in phases, so hopefully we'll be free with caution soon.

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