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Its me, Messiah. This week mom came home, and I was soooooooooooooooooo excited. When she came out of the airport, I didn't recognize her because she had bangs and a mask. It was really funny because when she arrived here on the island, she was bundled up in two sweat shirts and jeans. It was about 80 degrees here in Roatan, but super cold in Chicago. I'm so glad that she's back. People say that time flies, but I think that that is definitely not true. The three weeks that she was gone seemed forever.

I'm also super excited because this week, I'm going to be leading the Christmas choir in my church. To be honest, I'm really terrified, but I know that it all will turn out great. We are singing songs like "O Little Town of Bethlehem", "Joy to the World", and more. I am really honored because I was asked to lead the last song with the candle passing. I'm going to be singing "Silent Night". I'm super happy that I'm in the choir because when we sing, the harmony is sweet to my ears. I love it also because we always crack out jokes and laughter is always in the air.

Pictures of the choir...

One thing that I really like about the Christmas season is the smell and the eating of candy canes. I would have to say that candy canes and chocolate come very close on the rating scale. I just love the fresh mint, and the sweetness of the candy cane. Another smell you get here is the salt smell from the sea. I love it. Although it isn't as good as the candy canes, it is still good. My favorite thing to do at Christmas is hang around with family and friends. We watch movies, play, and just have a good time. This year, I won't get to brush my hands across the bristles of the Christmas tree because the trees here are super expensive. We do have palm trees right outside our door for our trees for free. This Christmas I want to urge y'all to remember is the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas has a name, and its Jesus. Spend time with your family and friends, and try to read Luke 2. Lastly, show love to others.

I hope y'all have a merry Christmas.

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