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Choose Joy!!!

Hey guys this week I had good and bad days, but over all it been good thanks to God.

Ministry is awesome and really fun. I am making good and close relationships with the people in the Rehab. This week I had the oppurtunity of seeing two people graduate from the program and see their lives transformed. At the graduation we celebrated their recovery with some Islander worship music. CR is also going great on Monday nights, you could feel and see the Holy Spirit working as people were sharing their testomonies and thanking God afterwards. I love going to the rehab because I feel comfortable of sharing anything with them.

As I said I had good and bad days, but I learned to always choose joy. Through any and every circumstance I learned to always have a joyful heart. My mom told me yesterday that joy is only found in Jesus. So I pray that you would choose joy not happiness because happiness is only based on circumstances, but joy is not based on anything but Jesus Christ alone. There is one song by For King and Country that says something like this....I choose joy, let it move ya', let it move, oh let it move, oh let it move. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be discouraged and so on. So choose Joy guys!!!

Last week I kinda left y'all hanging on what voluntary rummination syndrome is. Okay here's what rummination syndrome is when you regurgitate back up your food after you eat it, and re-chew it back again over and over. It is kinda what a cow does when they say "a cow chews it cud". This is why I am skinny and haven't grown much. Remember a few weeks ago I said I was struggling with a secret sin...this is what I was talking about. I am trying to work on it and if I fall into doing it again, I need to get back up again.

Thank y'all for reading my blog and always sending me encouraging words. See you next Tuesday... Bye!!!!

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