• Guenther Adams

Chillin' and School

This week I have kind of got used to being inside.

Chillin' has been pretty fun. This week we have had opportunities to sleep in and sometimes stay a little bit up more. My family and I have been doing dances like acting out a music video. Also, we have been playing card games like "Dos" and "Canasta". Our family watched a lot of movies (thank you God we bought a T.V.). My favorite parts of this week were worshiping and getting fed with the Word on Sunday. Also, our family made riddles to solve for one another. Okay, here's one I made up...Riddle me this, I am very small and I am strong as a lion....Answer = I am an ant! Chillin' has been fun this week.

I am learning world geography in online homeschooling. I know where the countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America are and some of their capitals. I like geography and the history of certain places. Oh! I forgot some of my spanish because I haven't practiced face to face in a while. My mom let me video chat with my friend and as soon as I was about to ask him questions my mind went blank. After I told my mom, "Man! I need to study my Spanish." I did a little bit of personal studying on my own and thank God it came back!

PS Thank you for your prayers and support. Hopefully I have the chance to see y'all soon. Catch you later!!! And watch out for the coronavirus!!

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