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Celebrating Christmas

Hey guys this Christmas week was busy, but totally AMAZING!!!

On the morning of the 24th of December we all raced each other to say "Christmas Eve gift" [A family tradition]. As soon as I was about to blurt it out to my parents, they quickly said it before me. It was kinda like a cowboy duel.

Fast forward to 6:00 at night. Our church met together to have a Christmas Eve candle light service. I was in control of the lights and I handed out the candles as people were entering. As people arrived you could sense the Peace and Joy of Christmas in the air.

The morning of the 25th of December we all got up early to sing the sweet and gentle song "Happy Birthday Jesus". If y'all have never heard or read it, I encourage y'all to hear or read it. You cannot miss this Wonderful song! After that we read Luke chapter 2 and opened the presents and cards we got and made each-other. My parents got me a nice lego diving set, hot wheel cars and my grandma Brenda got us a Nintendo switch.

That evening we played an intense few hands of Euchre and went to two Christmas parties. One at the Rehab and one at our friends church. We had fun and I believe we all enjoyed each others company.

This weeks ministry was great. A couple just graduated together. My parents had the opportunity to support these two through their recovery. Also we got the opportunity to help send them off to the mainland of Honduras to live with their family. This couple has drastically changed into a good Christian couple . We also have a few more new people.

Thank y'all for reading my blog. See yall next year for another great blog!!!

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