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Celebrating 1 Year Serving in Honduras.....

When we began this journey (bringing Celebrate Recovery to Honduras) with the Lord, we felt the Holy Spirit guiding us to focus on three specific areas for the first year. The three areas were the following:

Lean Spanish

We have been in Spanish classes since last August and are finishing classes at the end of this month. We have come such a long way thanks to the Spanish Institute of Honduras. Its amazing how much we now understand and that we can hold a full conversation in Spanish. The teachers there only speak Spanish and are AMAZING!!!! I can still remember those first my brain hurt from not understanding barely anything, but now I am at a point where I am able to share my testimony with my teacher and understand hers as we speak ONLY in Spanish. Also the Wolfe family who leads the school helped so much with transitioning to living in Honduras. Connecting with other missionary students was an added bonus and we have made life long friendships. Here‘s some pictures within our first days studying Spanish...

Our very first days learning Spanish at the language institute (3hrs a day Monday-Friday with lots of homework)....

Ending school this month in quarantine online...

Group photo at the language school...

Build Godly Relationships with locals

This area has been easy at times (because we love talking to anyone and everyone), BUT difficult at times (because our Spanish is good, but we don’t know everything). We have made soooo many friends both locals and fellow local missionaries. Too many pictures to share in this post of all the friends God blessed us with this past year!!

Honduran Church Partnership

God is so good that he had 2 specific partnerships that he prepared in advance for us to work with. One is on the mainland in Comayagua and the other is on Roatan (still Honduras, but is the island off the north coast). What I mean by preparing them in advance for Celebrate Recovery is that he already had other people share the idea of Celebrate Recovery with them before we ever came here in August 2019. Here’s the backstory for each...

Ministerio Linaje Escogido Comayagua

Someone on a short term mission trip gave the church leadership a leaders kit with the information on Celebrate Recovery to look at. When we came here their hearts were already prepared by God in advance. Another God thing...we weren’t even planning on going to a church 45 minutes from language school, as we had no car, but sweet friends wanted us to go with them in their car not realizing it was all part of God‘s bigger plan. We hope to do a training soon with them!!!

Jesus is the Solution (working with R church)

We received a call from our international Celebrate Recovery leader letting us know that a short term mission team from Washington was coming to Roatan, an island of Honduras, to train in Celebrate Recovery at the first rehabilitation center on the island (name of rehab: Jesus is a Solution). The short term mission team had already been talking with the leader of the rehab and the local church (name of local church: R Church) in a trip before, but were coming to do a formal training this trip. So October 2019 we came alongside the team from Washington to help with the training in Celebrate Recovery and to see what else God was doing on the island. It was an amazing trip and the rehab has their Celebrate Recovery on Saturdays. We were blessed to be a part of that trip that God had planned in advance for us to be a part of and we look forward to working with them in the future. Here are pictures of our trip from October 2019...

God went above and beyond what we every imagined for our first year serving here in Honduras. We serve a mighty God who has plans way bigger than we can ever imagine and we look forward to year #2 in Honduras!!!

Because eternity matters....ALL for JESUS!!

Love y'all and thanks for your partnership in prayer and financially. We couldn't do this without y'all...we're a team, reaching Honduras for Jesus!

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