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Celebrate Good Times!!!!

This week we did a lot of celebrating. On Sunday we celebrated a 15 year anniversary of the El Ayudante ministry (another ministry in Honduras that helps people with medical needs, school needs and teaching different types of trade for the local people) with some friends. I love the party because we played ping-pong with a good friend of ours who is a pastor at the church we attend. Man! he was good even playing with a flat ball. Afterwards, someone pulled out an American football, and we started playing with some Hondurans who never played before. We had a great time and I scored a touchdown and I almost intercepted a pass. It was great teaching the Hondurans how to play. We also watched a soccer tournament. I had fun celebrating these good times.

Spanish is going great for me, I am learning how to make gerunds and make sentences with them. Our family one day had a half of a day only speaking Spanish, and I was able to communicate with them. Also, I can pray in Spanish now.

P.S. Thank ya'll soo much for the prayer and support ya'll provide for us.

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