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Can't believe June has come and gone...lots to share

Updated: Jul 9, 2022


The beginning of the month started with a visit from family. My Grandma Ola (my mom's mom) came for a day on a cruise with her 2 sisters, my great Aunts - Jacque and Dora. It was so great to be able to have them here where we live, show them around and just spend time with them. When God calls you to go to a different country, it means sacrificing time with your with your family in the states. It means so much to have been able to see them here! They are talking about coming back for a week next time, and I sure hope it happens soon. We had such a good time with them and have so much more to show them here in Roatan, Honduras. Please join me in prayer for more family to visit us and see all that God is doing here. We LOVE having family come visit us! Can't wait to see who will be next.


Another amazing thing that happened this month was the Bay Islands Baptist Conference. All of the Baptist churches on the island try to get together every June for a time of worship, teaching, preaching, fellowship and so much more. We were blessed to be invited to this conference from our friend and Landlord, who loves Jesus so much and knows we love being apart of these things. It was such an amazing time! Guenther sang so much he lost his voice. It was so good that the Baptist churches are not waiting until next year to do it again, but will be having another gathering towards the end of October. Please join me in prayer for REVIVAL across the island of Roatan, Honduras!

Guest Pastors Herndon and David…


As I previously mentioned, our friend and Landlord loves Jesus and knows that we love Jesus, so she invites us to a lot of things....she invited me to join her on Monday nights at the Baptist Church for Ladies Night. It was a great time in the Word and fellowship. Towards the end they started discussing the next weeks appointments (assigning different ladies to all of the tasks that take place during the night...leading, singing, story time, Bible quizzing, teaching time, guess package with fun takeaways, etc). I had so much fun, I was super excited to go the following week for the 2nd time. Then when the appointed me to do the Bible teaching for the next week, I was to be there for sure. The next week I taught on Compassion for "the least of these" like Jesus. That went so well, they appointed me to teach the following week as well and I agreed, only thing is I got sick. They just rescheduled me for the week after that where I taught on Discipleship. Then they appointed me to teach at the Baptist monthly ladies get together, this is where all of the ladies from all of the Baptist churches on the island get together once a month. I taught on Women who are Doers of The Word (James 1:22). I love these ladies and their heart for the Lord. It is a sweet time together and I always look forward to our time together. Please come alongside me in prayer for REVIVAL across the island of Roatan, Honduras!


There is a lot of behind the scenes work in ministry as I'm sure y'all are aware of, but this month was another big undertaking. On the mainland of Honduras a mission is using our children's Celebrate Recovery materials. Only thing is they are running it in Spanish and our children's CR materials have not been translated yet into Spanish. So I began the task a while back of book by book translating the materials with the knowledge from the year of Spanish I took on the mainland along with my friend google translate. This month I was able to translate our children's CR (Celebration Place) materials for the 3rd book (leaders guide and Kid's journal). It takes hours to do that, but I am reminded that if it helps just one kid, it is all worth it. I am also blessed that the teacher of Celebration Place on the mainland is loving the program and finding it to be helpful in her life as well as the kids, praise God! May many children find healing through Jesus Christ at Celebration Place. Please pray for me to be able to translate the last book of the kids program soon. Also please pray as I am going through it with a bilingual friend to fine tune the places that me and Google didn't get it quite right.


Wrapping up this blog up with a super big homeschool praise....Guenther finished high school Geometry! It is a blessing and an honor to be able to be Guenther's teacher and so much more. He did really well in math and surprised himself on what he was capable of doing. We only have 7 more classes left in high school and then he's done! Time is flying by...can't believe I homeschooled Messiah for 7 years and he's off to college. Now were on year 8 of homeschooling with Guenther and in just a few short years, he'll be off to college. Both of my boys are a blessing to me and it has been my joy to be able to homeschool both of them. Please pray for Guenther to do well in his next course...World History.


Shareen's Bathroom - It's slowly coming along. Please pray that we can complete the project by the end of July.

Heaven's Health Journey - She has speech therapy and physical therapy weekly and is slowly making progress. She has a normal neurological follow up in a few months, but other than that she is doing great. Thank you for your prayers and giving to this sweet little girl.

Rehab - We continue to teach the Bible at Jesus is the Solution drug and alcohol rehab. It is a blessing to be a part of the Bible teaching team there and see God working though the lives of the men and women within the rehab.

Celebrate Recovery - Tyler is finishing up book 2 of 4 with his men's step study group and it is going well. We ask you to continue to pray for Celebrate Recovery as we will be restarting the large group and small group portion of CR when R Church completes the Learning Center building. We are so excited for this!!!! Please be in prayer for God to raise up leaders within the next few months as our hearts desire is to run all 3 CR programs (adult, youth and children's programs).

Speech Materials - Please pray as I may be coming to the states in the fall to gather my speech materials to use here in Honduras. I want to be equipped for the task that God is calling me to and that means getting speech stuff from the states (mainly my binders full of detailed notes from all of my Master's classes) along with donated speech materials that I can gather.

Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving to the Lord's Work. We couldn't do all of this without you! Blessings!

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