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Cafecito with my girls :) & helping my guys

Oh how I am so thankful to have the internet and for the many different ways that we can communicate during this quarantine.

This week I had a special blessing...I was able to participate in our church's monthly cafecito (coffee with the pastor's wife) online via zoom with not only women from our church, but friends in different parts of the world. We were studying James chapter 3 on taming the tongue. It was an amazing study of God's Word together and just really good to see faces, hear their voices, laugh together, drink coffee together and most of all study the Bible together. Oh what a sweet time of fellowship it was!

Another major part of my week always involves helping my guys. I homeschool both of our kiddos and I am helping Tyler navigate starting college within the next month or so. So my day involves...

**helping Messiah with Music Appreciation

(thanks to

three months on the fender app). Messiah is working on learning to read music and lots more, but what he didn't realize is that there is a lot of math involved in music whole notes, 1/2 notes, 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, 1/16 notes. But on top of that there are only so many beats per measure, so your notes have to add up right. Phew. I may not be any good at music (but I have the fender app to help with that) but I am good at math so that has helped.

**helping Guenther increase his typing speed for computer class

(we using because it is free and has lots of great activities/games) Guenther just started typing a few weeks ago and he loves it. He knows the whole keyboard and is working on speed right now. He currently types 20wpm! You can try out the website for free and without signing up. We signed up for free so that it keeps track of the learning he has done. If you get a chance try it out, let us know what your words per minute our...we curious to know.

**helping Tyler sign up to start college classes online

I am amazed at Tyler's spiritual growth and his desire to be obedient to the Holy Spirit every step of the way. He feels that God is calling him to get a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies and then possibly more (MDiv, PhD). I am so excited for this journey the Lord has him on!!!!!! After helping him get signed up, I'll be working on getting Messiah signed up...phew. 2 in college at the same time. Here we go!

**helped myself get my continuing education

I am a speech language pathologist (have a state license, national certification and teaching certificate) which means if I want to keep these up I have to take continuing education classes. Right now my national organization is offering free online continuing education until June 30th. I took advantage of this and got my 10 hours for the year, yay!!!

This life is a journey, I am just blessed to have the best guide...the Holy Spirit!!

See y’all next Wednesday here on the blog. Love y’all bunches!!!

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