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Hey guys this month was the wildest month in my entire 15 years being here on the earth.


To start the month out I made a crazy choice that looking back I regret I had done it. This blog will start with the bad and end up with the good. So here it is, one night I found a lit cigarette and decided to pick it up and puff it. After that incident, for a week, I started finding cigarette butts on the ground and picking them up and stealing my neighbor's lighter to light them and smoke them. I became addicted and I was using it as a calming method. Long story short, my dad smelled the cigarette odor on me and I lost a lot of privileges. I ask that you pray that I build up my integrity so that I can gain his trust back again.

Sharing Jesus

As you all know, I play a sport called pickleball with a group of adults who come from all different backgrounds. One week, there happened to be people from Israel who were Jews and after talking a while with them I asked them if they wanted to come to our church. They objected and said No we are Jews, so then that got me asking more questions about what they believe. Well, come to find out they said they do not practice their religion a lot. They believe that if you are a good person you will go to heaven. I was able to share with them what Christians believe and at the end of the discussion she said she will look into Christianity. It was a great time learning a little bit about what she believed.

I also got to share a little bit about my faith with our pickleball coach who grew up Presbyterian. I asked him about his girlfriend and to see if they wanted to get married and if they wanted to have children. He replied to me that you do not have to be married to have children. I went right into what God says in the Bible with him. Then he asked me to show him in the Scripture exactly where it says that you cannot have premarital intimacy? He stumped me on this question, so I am leaving it up to you Bible scholars to let me know where in the Scriptures does it say that you cannot have premarital intimacy?

Star Gazing

The highlight about this month was star gazing. A friend of my dad's let me borrow a telescope that was given to him. He told me I could keep it till his kids grow a little older. My dad and I fixed it up and we were able to see pure beauty. This scope is so cool and we were able to see craters on the moon. It was so very beautiful. It reminded me of the song "So Will I." I love the stanza that says, "If the stars were made to worship so will I." If you have never heard of this song I encourage you to listen to it while star gazing, it is the ultimate picture of beauty.

Praise Report

Mom will be home in a few days

Messiah comes home in a few weeks

Prayer Request

Purity of heart and mind

That is all for now and make sure if you can to answer the question. Okay, see you all later, Chau

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