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Busy, busy, busy

Hey guys it’s me, Messiah! I just wanted to say that this week has been very busy. We went to work out, and that workout was a lot easier than the last one. Not that it was super easy, but it was not as extreme. While working out, an instructor took a picture of me and put it on the gym’s Facebook page. I don’t know they were doing it, but I don’t care, because I LOVE photo shoots.

On Monday, the whole Spanish school went to an elderly home, and I got to sing 🎶 in Spanish and play the guitar for them. Some of the people just wanted me to play, and they sing in their native language. I had so much fun serving them.

Every week the school plays volleyball. My team and I won every single game except one.

I also met a guy from the United Kingdom. His name was Ross. He just left Friday to go to a different country. I also met a guy named Isaac who is 21. He is the closest person to my age so I talk to him a lot. After we played volleyball, and I met those two guys, we went to a restaurant owned by a friends dad. I loved that because I got to eat, and I also got to play the guitar.

As most of you know, I love Hillsong United worship, and a lot of people in Honduras listen to them. While at the restaurant, me and two others sang songs of Hillsong. They sang in Spanish and I sang and harmonized in English. On Saturday, a friend of ours took us to a group home for kids and showed us what it was about. She teaches kids how to play sports with a right attitude. We played soccer, but we also played my favorite sport........ basketball 🏀. When we played basketball, 90% of the kids left. No one likes anything but soccer. We had fun there and then went home. ( because the kids are in a group home we can’t post any pictures of them). We also had a great time at church on Sunday. Thanks for reading my blog, see y’all next week.

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