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Body of Christ working together and Special Prayer Request

I just want to focus today on the ministries on this island of Roatan, Honduras and how great they work together. We are blessed to be a part of ministry here!!!

We are a part of “R church” which every Sunday mentions a list of different ministries the congregation can get involved in. Pastor Travis and his wife Tish are amazing leaders for the Lord and are great at getting people plugged into service.

One of those ministries that has been a great blessing to us and we have gotten to be a blessing to them is “Clinica Esperanza”. This is the clinic that saw us when we had COVID, provided medicine for us and recently pulled Messiah’s baby teeth out. We have had a chance to help them by counting pills and putting them in baggies for them. We are blessed by them serving us and we are blessed to be able to serve them.

Another ministry that we’ve gotten to be a part of is “Legacy International”. They run a youth group on Friday nights and the boys have been a part of it each week. It is so important to me for the boys to have interactions with kiddos their age and this has been a blessing for sure! The only thing is that this youth group is an hour drive each way, so praying for a youth group on the west end of the island near where we live.

Then yet another ministry that we’ve been a part of is called “Bread for the Bight”. Messiah got to join their worship band and we got to worship and be fed by the Word there in Spanish and English. It’s always a good time with them!! This ministry too is an hour drive from our house, but is so worth it! We got to have dinner with Pastor David, his wife Heather, their daughter and a good friend Ceejay on Tuesday. It was a great time getting to know them and their passion for serving the Lord!

Last but definitely not least is the rehab. As you know it is one of the main reasons we came to the island to serve full time after language school. We are blessed to come along side them on Monday nights for Celebrate Recovery and do discipleship teaching 3 mornings a week. But we have gotten to be a part of so much more...we currently sponsor a couple monthly (they didn’t have family to cover their costs), we were able to get that couples COVID test so they could enter the rehab, and we were able to celebrate with a recent graduate from the rehab by buying him a guitar as his hearts desire is to sing for the Lord. The rehab is a blessing to us as we see so many fighting to get clean and our prayer is that they find Jesus!

These are just a few of the many amazing ministries going on here in Roatan Honduras. We are just blessed to be a part of what God is doing here! Thank you for your support and prayers. We love and miss y’all!

Before we end I want to ask for a special prayer request...

My younger brother, Louis, has just been diagnosed with cancer and is going through treatment and surgery. Please pray for him and his sweet family. Thank you!

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